1:1 Private Coaching

Holistic approach to MEGA SUCCESS™ 

You are most fascinating, creative, world-changing business woman,

who is yet to discover her true power, start playing big, reach her full potential.

You're ready to express your genius and create a world class business that leads by example.

You're no longer about making a certain number: for you, it is about becoming the person, who is truly amazing at what she does.

No matter how big or small.

Clients refer you, you have raving reviews, because your heart is 110% in it.

You don't play by the rules, you CREATE them!

You're setting an example for the industry and you self led yourself on this extraordinary path of success.

You are ready to access your super powers


by learning who you TRULY are.

You've dreamed of the life living to your full potential, overflowing with joy and abundance, free spirited and unlimited in choices.

You're open and ready to receive it all.

And you're ready to work your way through and pull up your sleeves with excitement and anticipation of a challenge!


You want a high level mentor who will tune into your energetic vibration and activate you and empower you so you can elevate to a place where success is inevitable.


You want a holistic approach, where no areas are left unattended, as you see the connection in everything and you know that this is the only way.

You will see your business soar as your health, relationships and energy levels improve in tandem.


Your complete journey, a journey to wholeness, all puzzles coming together and only answers remaining.



You're ready to shake up the industry with your innovative approach and fresh ideas.

Your desires are your guides, what you perceive is possible, becomes your vision, and it's my job to support you in bringing it into your actual reality by releasing you from any shadows of uncertainty and giving you the keys that open up the portal to unlimited. 


What are we waiting for?

"Working with Sofia 1:1 set my business on fire! It was the best gift I have given myself!


Pushing the boundaries to what was totally unknown to me created a whole new world of possibilities. Knowing my true nature expanded my Universe.


Now I know, nothing is impossible."


-Marta Ushakova

Multi-6 Figure Online Entrepreneur

Your search is over. Things will make sense now.


You're ready to embrace the change and elevate your energetic state to your étalon, the highest reference standard,

where you're truly connected to your Higher Self and and know that this path can only lead in the right direction.

Running a successful 6-7 figure business is just a by-product of leaving to your full potential.

The time has come to learn the only truth that matters and arrive at the place where you can create the absolute wholeness in your life.

You can "have it all", without guilt, totally own it, live it, embrace it, share it, be it.


Here's how you'll know my 1:1 coaching is for you:


#1. You've been seeking for the last puzzle and perhaps already have success in some areas of your life.

#2. You have BIG desires for your business and ready to QUANTUM LEAP.

#3.You feel in your heart that your business is your highest expression of your creative flow and, there is MORE to that.

#4. You want to be fulfilled and your eternal questions answered, so YOU have created this possibility.

#5. Regardless of where you're at now, whether it is $10K/month or $100K/month, you know that strategy ALONE will not get you to your DESIRED result.

#6. You want to become whole, resourceful and take that KNOWLEDGE with you for the rest of your life.

#6. You're not afraid of a rapid CHANGE. The experience may be explosive and create a ripple effect that will shake up your whole life.

#7.You trust yourself to allow new way of seeing things, changing your perception and  becoming a full blown life force to take you to new heights.

This is going to be the scariest and the most rewarding journey you've ever taken.


You'll walk over the bridge as it's being built.

New Consciousness.

New Perception.

New way of experiencing things. 

3 months deep dive in uncovering your full potential by remembering the ONLY truth that matters.

What if i told you that you DON'T need to go through the experience of "enlightenment" to know (deep inside) who you truly are.

You might do shortly after, but it is not a prerequisite.

Come with a open mind and a receiving heart.

In fact, you might want to quieten your mind and receive with your BODY.

Once you learn and integrate The Knowledge, you won't have any more questions left.

You will only see the ANSWERS.

You whole life & business might be based on an old paradigm, which means you can revolutionize it now and give it a new MEANING. 

This is your last puzzle of your spiritual quest. The road which has come to an end.

You've arrived.

Last stop.

The end of seeking.It's the most liberating, exhilarating and peaceful feeling you can ever experience.



Living The Knowledge is the only known way to have MEGA SUCCESS as I call it, where ALL areas of your life are at their true potential.

No struggle required. It is not about "I've suffered enough, now I am ready; I no longer want a life of financial struggles, unhappy relationships, playing small by not loving myself".

You get just to CHOOSE.

This is time for you to CONSCIOUSLY create a new era, a new paradigm.

Expressing yourself through a business you LOVE is a new way, highest level of living The Knowledge.

This is my holistic approach to MEGA SUCCESS.


Are you ready to move NOW?

My Holistic approach to MEGA SUCCESS™


method will help you


#1. Access your SUPER POWERS by learning who you truly are.

#2. Arrive at your LAST stop of your spiritual journey and get all your questions answered.

#3.Unleash your creative genius and craft your "MASTERPIECE", let your million $ idea shine through. (Yes, you DO have at least one.)

#4. Elevate your energetic state to create new reality where success is INEVITABLE.

#5. Create meaningful and lasting relationships that reflect your New Expansive Self-Loving Self.

#6. Stay healthy, radiant and age defying by using simple practices and tools.

#6. Lead yourself and INSPIRE others in your UNIQUE, one-of-the-kind way.

#7. Be the person/coach/role model other people look up to, DESIRE to learn from.

#8. Live your true purpose which is bigger than any fears or limiting beliefs you might have.

You've done playing small and ready to be held and guided by someone who has absolutely been there, done that.

 When we work together, you will learn the principles of how life works- your spiritual questions will be answered, you will get in a POSITION to finally CONSCIOUSLY create your reality.

Living The Knowledge means your limiting beliefs, stories you're telling yourself, past traumas (the meaning you used to put into them) will cease to exist.

It is beyond your MIND.

Instant healing is not unusual in this space.

Answers appear before questions arise.

Your desires  become a match to your Highest Self desires and the time gap between their manifestation gets smaller and smaller.

This is how you QUANTUM LEAP.

Ready to come and play in my energy field? Amplify your gifts and soar to next level heights?

The process is very simple. Fill out the application below and if I feel we're a good fit for private coaching, I'll reach out to you and we'll have a call to make sure the energy feels good, and then you'll have the chance to lock your seat with putting down your investment.


What will you receive when you join




In your first kick-off call, we'll get crystal clear on the incredible transformational outcomes we are going to achieve during our time together (this work is highly result oriented), deep dive into your business goals & aspirations then map out the plan for your next 3-6 months ahead!

  • WEEKLY COACHING CALLS - (1 call up to 60 MINS, Tuesday- Thursday)

Held on Zoom, with recordings, these sessions are personally tailored to your desired outcomes and cover a mix of holistic tools where we, by changing your energetic state, start consciously creating the desired results in your immediate reality.​


Between our calls, you get voice and text message access to ask me any questions, receive feedback and update me on your progress.


+ Any future programs launched during your mentorship

Receive full access to ALL my courses and any future ones created during our time together. This alone is worth THOUSANDS.


All Private Coaching clients will receive opportunities to collab in an IG Live or be a guest on my Podcast: A Journey of Self-Discovery.


Your Investment


3 months 1:1 mentorship with me is

$10,000 USD

or $3,888 per month for 3 months


6 months 1:1 mentorship with me is

$18,000 USD

or $3,333 per month for 6 months


"Sofia is a kickass-coach to work with. She is an expert in what she does and has a wonderful energy and magnetism about her.

Her methods are original and her support is second to none.

Her strategies and tools are simple but really work. I highly recommend anyone looking to reset themselves for total business success to get in touch with Sofia and join her programme."

- Carrie Chappell, Mindset and Confidence Coach

"Sofia has a lot of knowledge and experience that she shares generously. I like her no fluff and to the point approach. 

She is inspiring and fun to work with and she really gets her clients. 

I had some major breakthroughs, 

tripled my income and I am able to show up for my clients now in a way I never had the confidence or skills before." 

- Kate Parrott, Reiki Master Teacher


"Sofia is the best business mentor I've worked with, very supportive, knowledgeable, and selfless in sharing her experience.

With her guidance I've scaled to group coaching right from the start.

 I love her structured and in-depth program, which makes growing my business easier and faster❤️".

- Kristina Todoroska, Intuition Nutrition Coach


Meet Sofia Adamova


Sofia Adamova is an energetics coach and a business mentor to catapult you to a new level of success with her revolutionary transformational process, which is at the intersection of the science and the spirituality. 

She is on a mission to help as many women as possible to become wholesome, start living their life to its full potential, become financially independent and fully express themselves through their business! 

Sofia helps women discover their genius and what makes them unique to stand out and create offers only they can deliver. 

She is a published author and a podcast host, and she believes, that her background as an advisor on a board of angel investors, consulting hundreds of start-ups plus master's in marketing and a decade in sales, also, investing more than $50K in personal growth and the best mentors are the foundations of her success and she wants to share it with YOU!

 By learning about the Energetics behind business and embracing the new Consciousness-  after going through the episode of ONENESS and downloading the codes of the UNIVERSE, Sofia finally saw the way, which brought her back into coaching, so she can help YOU expand your vision by sharing with you the only Truth that matters!

 Sofia has created a purposeful life for herself where she is FREE to live every day on HER TERMS.

And now... it's YOUR TURN!

3 months 1:1 mentorship with me is

$10,000 USD

or $3,888 per month for 3 months


6 months 1:1 mentorship with me is

$18,000 USD

or $3,333 per month for 6 months