In This WORKSHOP you'll learn:


Step by step process to materialize your INTENTION for your business

By the end of the workshop you will set your number 1 Intention for your business and learn a simple method I use to have a 100% rate of success in its realization.


How to get rid of limiting beliefs and blocks which stop your desire/ intention to materialize

We will clear up the space for your desire to manifest by getting rid of your internal blocks. You will also learn how NOT to create further obstacles.


The process of Conscious Creation and how to use it in practical terms

We, humans are constantly creating: look around- everything you see you've created consciously or unconsciously.

I will explain the principles of CONSCIOUS creation. Your life will never be the same!


How to Create the Next Level of Impact & Income in Business Using my Signature Method

You will learn ways how to ELEVATE your energetic state to a place where success is INEVITABLE.

I will share with you my Magic Sequence: a 5 min practise to instantly increase and rebalance of your energetic state.

"I felt as I was given a second chance. Everything became possible again. All doubts were gone. I was operating from a whole new level. My reality started to unfold in the most magical way. "


I know you want to learn how to consciously create your reality and achieve what you never thought was possible before...

Whether you feel like your desires are not materializing no matter how hard you visualize or how many affirmations you say a day, this workshop will forever change the way you see things.

You will walk away with a step by step process I use to create the reality I desire- in business and in life!

It is time to change your perception about what creation really is and show you my simple method which WORKS!

Join me to finally learn what it takes to materialize your desires and create a life and business that you LOVE!


YES!! I AM IN!!!

Meet Sofia Adamova

Sofia Adamova is an energetics coach and a business mentor to catapult you to a new level of success with her revolutionary transformational process, which is at the intersection of the science and the spirituality. 

She is on a mission to help as many women as possible to become wholesome, start living their life to its full potential, become financially independent and fully express themselves through their business! 

Sofia helps women discover their genius and what makes them unique to stand out and create offers only they can deliver. 

She is a published author and a podcast host, and she believes, that her background as an advisor on a board of angel investors, consulting hundreds of start-ups plus master's in marketing and a decade in sales, also, investing more than $50K in personal growth and the best mentors are the foundations of her success and she wants to share it with YOU!

 By learning about the Energetics behind business and embracing the new Consciousness-  after going through the episode of ONENESS and downloading the codes of the UNIVERSE, Sofia finally saw the way, which brought her back into coaching, so she can help YOU expand your vision by sharing with you the only Truth that matters!

 Sofia has created a purposeful life for herself where she is FREE to live every day on HER TERMS.

‚ÄčAnd now... it's YOUR TURN!