For entrepreneurs who fed up not feeling 100% and want to be at the top of the game


 Eat yourself Wealthy. Energetics of Food Masterclass

is totally for you if you're experiencing any of the following: 

  • You get easily triggered and your patience threshold is really low, you turn into angry reactive person and get anxiety attacks, you are the person who is impatiently honking at the traffic light and forget everything else when you buttons get pushed.
  • You often experience brain fog, and therefore, can't think straight and clear. Making decisions is hard. It seems as things are out of your control and you are not able to create the results in life and business that you want, no matter how many hours you work.
  • You feel exhausted, like you've lost all your energy, wake up tired, can't focus, procrastinate and you want your mojo back, feel light and joyful again and jump out of your bed feeling excited every morning. 
  • You suffer from any of the following: acne, thinning hair, insomnia, digestive problems, excess weight. You get colds and viruses easily.

The fastest and the most direct way to 

elevate your energetic state is to know how certain vibrational nature of the different foods we eat, its energy signature influences everything we do.

Your recipe for SUCCESS.

The system I introduce in this masterclass is beyond any diets.

You can eat meat or be raw vegan, it doesn’t really matter.

I put together the simplest first steps you can take to achieve results and see your life starting transforming is as little as 10 days!

Yes, I am in!! Only $111

In this Masterclass,

you will learn…


  • How nutrition affects our energetic state

    so you can elevate your energetic state, jump back in action, feel excited about your business again and create your next masterpiece!
  • How we lose energy depending on what and how we eat

    going deeper then any nutrition course or book you can buy in the store. This is NOT the information you can simply google. Prepare to be open minded, perhaps even shocked.
  • The main mistakes we make in nutrition which prevent us from creating the life scenarios we desire

    there is a huge correlation between what we eat and our ability to create the desired outcome.
  • How to get in shape, feel whole again, be healthier and have greater energy

     as healthier body means healthier mind, balance and harmony.
  • Connect to your true self and increase your intuition tenfold

    so you can lead from the place where success is inevitable.

"Sofia is a force to be reckoned with - full of wisdom, coupled with unwavering commitment to excellence and serving clients at the highest level.


It’s been a privilege to be part of Sofia’s journey and see her blossom into a powerful coach, helping others to unleash their full potential."

Lenka Lutonska
Business coach, author of Energetic Selling & Marketing

"Sofia is an inspiring coach to work with. She is an expert in what she does and has a wonderful energy and magnetism about her.

Her strategies and tools are simple but really work. I highly recommend anyone looking to reset themselves for total business success to get in touch with Sofia and join her programme."

- Carrie Chappell, Mindset and Confidence Coach


"Sofia has a lot of knowledge and experience that she shares generously.

She is inspiring and enjoyable to work with and she really get her clients. I had some major breakthroughs and I am able to show up for my clients now in a way I never had the confidence or skills before."

- Kate Parrott, Reiki Master Teacher


"Sofia is a wonderful coach, very supportive, knowledgeable, and selfless in sharing her experience.

 I adore her comprehensive and very precisely structured program. I've learnt so many practical stuff needed for my business foundation and development❤️".

- Kristina Todoroska, Intuition Nutrition Coach


I can’t wait for you to join Energetics of food Masterclass

Sofia is the creator of Total Energetics Reboot™- her unique Method to elevate your energetic state through your BODY- you most magical tool.

These powerful, transformational tools draw from sciences of quantum, physics, neurobiology, energy healing.

By following her signature sequence of 8 elements, you will re emerge after 10 days as a different person: elevated, expansive, recharged, powerful, full of creative ideas and raring for action.

Energetics of food is one of the elements.

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