ROADMAP to $10K (month)

Illuminated path to your first (next) $10K.


The 6 week intensive program for coaches/spiritual entrepreneurs/service providers who are ready to make $10K NOW.

You are gifted, creative, ready to change the world business woman,

who wants finally to get noticed and share her expertise with her dream clients.

You've been working around the clock, posting numerous times a day on social media, copying your favorite coaches, EVEN dancing on TikTok!

You also invested in a few programs and coaches, learnt some marketing strategies and been constantly looking how to improve your skills to serve your clients the best way possible!

You think you're doing it all, but still no results! You sign a occasional client, you sell a few offers here and there, but you want a SECRET SAUCE,

a magic pill to get you fully booked and busy with ideal clients ready to pay in full!


You are ready to break this pattern and FEEL that you're in the driving seat of your life. 


The magic pill doesn't exist, but there are multiple ways for you to get to $10K in the next few weeks and keep doing that on repeat.

Your desires is your compass. The version of the business you picture is possible. You don't need another idea, or learn a whole new skillset, or thousands of followers to make that happen.

You can reach the RIGHT people with your TRUE message and make money while enjoying the process.


You've had ENOUGH of frustration, feeling stuck and totally lost on how to win this game.


What you want is a mentor who has been there before, who made mistakes, nearly gave it up, invested thousands and thousands of $$, experimented with a multitude of different strategies, played with energetics, embodiment, manifestation and found a BLUEPRINT, a roadmap to consistent $10K months, so now she can guide you and show that it is possible.

You're ready to reveal your beautiful gifts and walk on the path of success.

Your desires are your guides, what you perceive is possible, becomes your vision, and it's my job to support you in bringing it into your actual reality by releasing you from any shadows of uncertainty and giving you the keys that open up the portal to what's possible. 


What are we waiting for?

"Absolutely do it, don't even blink.


Sofia's energy is contagious! Straight to the point and no fluff.


When I first started coaching with Sofia, I was still very new to business and had only made $3k till that point.


Before the end of the program, I BOOKED OUT my 1:1.


It was at least 10 X return on my investment!


Be ready for your perspective to shift 180 degrees."


-Emma R Betson

Multi-6 Figure Spiritual Entrepreneur

I want you to know deep at your core that you can be WEALTHY.

You can create offers from your heart and NOT because this is what marketing research told you that will sell.

You can create the business on YOUR terms, so you can live your life to its full potential, while being totally supported by a vocation that feeds your soul and NOT just pays your rent, but also a holiday in Barbados (or Bali, or wherever...πŸ˜€)

You can "have it all", without guilt, totally own it, live it, embrace it, share it, be it.


Here's how you'll know "ROADMAP to $10K" program is for you:


#1. You feel like you're consistently showing up and working long hours on your business, but it just doesn't seem to convert.

#2. You wonder where all these "soul-aligned" clients are that everyone seems to talk about, and why aren't they knocking on YOUR door.

#3. You feel overwhelmed about growing your business, because you don't even know where to start.

#4. You attract people that "think you're inspiring" but aren't ready to take action.

#5. You sit down to write content and feel blocked and overwhelmed. You just have no idea what YOU want to say, or how to "speak to the soul" of your target audience.

#6. You follow dozens of coaches and online entrepreneurs, envy them secretly and copy their content from time to time.

#7.You feel nervous about being 100% yourself, in case you're judged or worse, rejected! So you play small and not fully own who you are and your unique gifts.

Because I get it, gorgeous.


I can see YOU, the beauty of your soul, the truth in your heart, your raw desires, your pains and sleepless nights.

Only a couple of years ago I felt so lost, as if I was going nowhere, and as if my dream life was soo far away, I would never get it.

I buried all my gifts deep inside me, WAITING for the UNIVERSE to give me signs, for things JUST to appear out of nowhere, for all my problems to get SOLVED, so I can move FORWARD.


So when it came to creating a business, I followed the crowd and listened to everyone...apart from myself. 

I would get stuck in consistent comparison traps and copying others as my own voice was too quiet to hear.

I fell into hustle hamster wheel, which inevitably brought me to frustration and burnout.

Incostintent income was leaving me stressed all the I  knew I needed to try something different.


So I did... and you know what happened?

I went to 5 figure months, then 5 figure weeks and even 5 figure days. Yep, you read that right!


Over the course of this 6-week intensive, you'll transform from struggling coach to confident business owner, with an income you can count on


First, we'll clarify what makes you different and unique and we'll look at the multitude of pathways on how you can reach you first (next) $10K.

I will share with you my experience how I reached first $10K in my business and how many of my clients have done the same.

We will adjust your prices, polish off your offer (or create a new, irresistible one!), and present it in front of your INCREASED audience in a such a way, that your ideal clients will get super excited and your messaging will speak right to their heart and soul.

Then we watch the MAGIC happen, and through the sacred act of selling you will transform your clients life!


Are you ready to move NOW?

This is my signature process for selling out your offers.




Clarity. Marketing. Selling.


#1. Step into knowing exactly what makes YOU unique, creating a signature program and process that only YOU can deliver.

#2. Go from "you're so inspiring" to "how can I pay" by creating content that speaks to the HEART of your ideal client.

#3.Have a system to attract and convert soul aligned clients with ease. No more wondering where the next one is coming from!

#4. Fall in love with your sales process and 70-80% closing rate (without the ick!).

#5. Reach your $10K month with ease, and knowing you can repeat it!

#6. Do it YOUR way, without the complicated funnels, the fancy website, the professional photoshoot.

#7. Show your authenticity and tap into what you are here to give. No need to survey an audience or worry about market research.

#8. Get excited about your business again and be ready to have it all: success, freedom, abundance and happiness.

In this 6 week intensive you'll be supported with

  • 6 X LIVE MODULES (1-2 hours)  These live coaching sessions are hosted on Zoom and then uploaded so you can rewatch them at any time. We will go DEEP on the strategy of each of your business and come away with clarity, direction and things to implement right off the call.
  • PRIVATE SLACK CHANNEL For day-to-day celebrations, realizations and revelations so you can share your progress, questions, be inspired and create lasting connections.
  • 3 month access to your STRATEGY PORTAL-Zero to Five Figures Accelerator Academy, full resource library, only my mastermind students previously had access to. Hours and hours of content on literally everything you need to grow your business.
  • BONUS: Conscious Creation WORKSHOP- step by step process to materialize you intention for your business. Powerful energetics techniques that will make sure there is no room for a failure and make certain that your success is INEVITABLE.



What's inside of the ROADMAP to $10K (month)



  • MODULE 1: Your big WHY and clarity. Creating your personalized STRATEGY.

In your first kick-off call, we'll get crystal clear on the incredible transformational outcomes we are going to achieve during our time together and exactly how we will get you to $10K. Reinforce your mission behind the work you do and energetically recalibrate what getting to your desired goal means to you.

  • MODULE 2: Your IRRESISTIBLE offer.

Extract and amplify your gifts and bring them into your signature method. Create something that will excite you to show up for it and delivers great results for your clients.

  • MODULE 3: Growing your AUDIENCE. 3 ways to increase your email list by at least 300 excited followers.

One of the most important assets of your business: your loyal subscribers who want EVERYTHING you create. We'll focus on attracting your future clients with simple methods, so you can have a bigger impact and start creating some waves in the industry.


  • MODULE 4: The energetics of MARKETING. Attracting the right people into your work with your magnetism.


We'll create ​an automated system which will grow your business with ease. We'll focus on HOW you show up and the way to spark engagement with your message across the platforms- so you will never think: "Where can I find more of my ideal clients?" ever again.

  • MODULE 5: Your MESSAGING and content creation.

We'll craft your messaging in a way that clients will feel that "you're in their head". You'll learn how to communicate the VALUE of what you do in written and video content, so you attract your ideal clients with ease.


  • MODULE 6: EFFORTLESS selling.

Allow selling to be a continual extension of your daily existence. Learn how to AUTHENTICALLY convert your soul aligned clients and master the process.

Selling is an act of service and sharing your work with those who need it most.

Your Investment


ROADMAP to $10K (month) PIF

$1,333 USD

*Save Money*

  • 6 x live coaching calls
  • Access to group Slack
  • 3 month resource library access
  • Bonus : Conscious Creation WORKSHOP

ROADMAP to $10K payment plan (monthly)

3 X $555 USD

  • 6 x live coaching calls
  • Access to group Slack
  • 3 month resource library access
  • Bonus : Conscious Creation WORKSHOP

"Sofia is a kickass-coach to work with. She is an expert in what she does and has a wonderful energy and magnetism about her.

Her methods are original and her support is second to none.

Her strategies and tools are simple but really work. I highly recommend anyone looking to reset themselves for total business success to get in touch with Sofia and join her programme."

- Carrie Chappell, Mindset and Confidence Coach

"Sofia has a lot of knowledge and experience that she shares generously. I like her no fluff and to the point approach. 

She is inspiring and fun to work with and she really gets her clients. 

I had some major breakthroughs, 

tripled my income and I am able to show up for my clients now in a way I never had the confidence or skills before." 

- Kate Parrott, Reiki Master Teacher


"Sofia is the best business mentor I've worked with, very supportive, knowledgeable, and selfless in sharing her experience.

With her guidance I've scaled to group coaching right from the start.

 I love her structured and in-depth program, which makes growing my business easier and faster❀️".

- Kristina Todoroska, Intuition Nutrition Coach


Meet Sofia Adamova


Sofia Adamova is an energetics coach and a business mentor to catapult you to a new level of success with her revolutionary transformational process, which is at the intersection of the strategy and the energetics. 

She is on a mission to help as many women as possible to become financially independent and fully express themselves through their business! 

Sofia helps women discover their genius and what makes them unique to stand out and create offers only they can deliver. 

She is a published author and a podcast host, and she believes, that her background as an advisor on a board of angel investors, consulting hundreds of start-ups plus master's in marketing and a decade in sales, also, investing more than $50K in personal growth and the best mentors are the foundations of her success and she wants to share it with YOU!


 Sofia has created a business which supports her beyond her wildest dreams and where she is FREE to live every day on HER TERMS.

​And now... it's YOUR TURN!

ROADMAP to $10K (month) PIF

$1,333 USD

*Save Money*

  • 6 x live coaching calls
  • Access to group Slack
  • 3 month resource library access
  • Bonus : Conscious Creation WORKSHOP

ROADMAP to $10K payment plan (monthly)

3 X $555 USD

  • 6 x live coaching calls
  • Access to group Slack
  • 3 month resource library access
  • Bonus : Conscious Creation WORKSHOP