You have a mission, the fire in your soul, and deep in your heart you know that you're ready to step up in your business, ready to go big. You just need a little help getting started, right?


Meet your new business  mentor: Hey, I'm Sofia,

Your energetics coach and business mentor to keep you accountable for showing up and achieving your dreams! 

I am on a mission to help as many women as possible to become financially independent and get to a place where they can fully express themselves through their business and being reimbursed for that with fabulous pay! 

I help women discover their genius and what makes them unique to stand out and create offers only they can deliver. 

I am a published author and a podcast host, and I believe, that my background as an advisor on a board of angel investors, consulting hundreds of start-ups plus master's in marketing and a decade in sales, also, investing more than $50K in personal growth and the best mentors are the foundations of my success and I want to share it with YOU!

 But it wasn't always like this for me- with ease, working with my ideal clients from around the globe, making an impact every single day and feeling fulfilled and happy! There was a time, not that long ago, when I felt very lost and not moving forward. It lasted for almost 7 years. I kept reading self-growth books and stuck to my daily routine, but inside I felt somewhat empty and purposeless. 

By learning about the Energetics behind business and embracing the new Consciousness- I finally saw the way, which brought me back into coaching, so I can help YOU to avoid certain mistakes and live your Dream Life faster!

 I've created a purposeful life for myself where I am FREE to live every day on MY TERMS.

And now... it's YOUR TURN!


🌟You could show up AUTHENTICALLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY as yourself.

🌟 You could have the IMPACT and INCOME that YOU desire

🌟You could charge higher prices, and feel confident doing so.⁣⁣

🌟You could launch a highly profitable group program, and feel confident earning consistent 5-figure months.⁣⁣
🌟You could have more time and energy, and actually enjoy running your business.⁣⁣
🌟You could work less and earn more and have fun!⁣⁣

Because within the next few months this program is going to help you:

Set up everything in your online business from A - Z, including embracing a true CEO mindset to become completely unstoppable.

Perfecting your packages and pricing

Establish your personal brand and identify your ideal client

Nail down your brand from the inside out, including your website and visuals

Learn how to generate leads, attract dream clients on social media AND become a true sales queen on your discovery calls

Organize your business and set up all of the tools, systems, and software needed to kick ass

➡️ And most importantly, this program gives you the high-level support and a lifelong family of business friends that no other entry-level program provides! Inside, you’ll grow alongside 10+ other amazing women to help you work through each of your problems, ideas, doubts, and fears every step of the way.


This will be the most INTERACTIVE and FUN group program you will EVER be part of!

When you join this program...

You will join a community of like-minded trail-blazers, change-makers and future thought-leaders in the coaching industry

I know that for you, running a “successful coaching business” is about WAY more than $10k months!

It's about IMPACT, and money just comes as a byproduct.

You want to show like-minded women what’s possible.

You want to help, support and empower women who were in your EXACT shoes a few months, or even years, ago.

I know EXACTLY how this feels.

My mission is to help, support and empower women who were in my EXACT shoes a few months ago, burnt out and making $2k months or less, to fully channel & express their TRUE CALLING.


"After two weeks in Sofia's Zero to Five Figures Accelerator Academy, I finally opened my business (which I had been delaying for the past 6 months!). Not only that but I began posting on Instagram and sharing my message—something I had lots of fear around previously. 


 I had to unblock my limiting beliefs to up-level. Within 2 weeks of opening my business, I manifested my first paid clients. Now my business is growing exponentially and I'm on track to resign from my 9-5 within my first year of business. I couldn't have done it without Sofia's program."

-Sarah Thompson

Are you ready to become ALIGNED and MAGNETIC?



🌟1.Uncover your UNIQUE GIFTS and gain total CLARITY about who you are, who you serve and create a UNIQUE OFFER only YOU can deliver and position yourself as the GO-TO-EXPERT.

🌟2.Developing a MAGNETIC MARKETING and SALES strategy, to ATTRACT soul-aligned DREAM CLIENTS and EFFORTLESSLY hit 5 figure months.

🌟3.Using QUANTUM EMOTION and the POWER of your ENERGY to collapse time.

JOIN NOW! ( from $444/ monthly)

✅You want the strategies, mindset and systems to start hitting 5-figure months.⁣⁣
✅You’re wanting to be part of a community of EMPOWERED and SUPPORTIVE women to hold you accountable.⁣⁣
✅You don't want to stress about money anymore and want consistent income coming into your business.⁣⁣
✅You want to start attracting and converting high-ticket clients.⁣⁣
✅You like my no fluff approach.⁣⁣
✅You are MORE THAN READY and INVESTED to take your business to the next level.⁣⁣
✅You are COMMITTED to the end goal despite your blocks and limiting beliefs

❌You're full of excuses and not ready to work through your blocks and limiting beliefs.⁣⁣

❌You're not ready to work less and earn more.⁣⁣

❌You're not ready to start charging high-ticket.⁣⁣

❌You're sitting on the fence and NOT fully committed.⁣⁣

❌You don't have an investor mindset and aren't a fully-fledged action taker.⁣⁣

What's inside the Zero to Five Figures Mastermind?


12 Modules

Designed to take you through every step of setting up your online business from A to Z so that you feel confident knowing what you do, who it is for, how to run an online business and make money!

($1,500 VALUE)

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls + Monthly Private Calls

Because this is not just a course that gives you training and projects. This is weekly support, accountability and breakthroughs. I am here to answer your questions, walk you through situations and issues, and help you step into the CEO role! Sofia will be coaching you every week to gain massive clarity!

($16,000 VALUE)

Course Material + Workbooks

Because the real magic happens when you take what you learn and apply it to YOU. Everything is designed to be customised to help you dive deep into your specific business.

($950 VALUE)

The Modules of the Zero to Five Figures Academy: 


Module 1: Clarity, your big WHY & Powerful Vision, knowing your ideal client and nailing your messaging. Expand the energetic field of your business, align your soul gifts and purpose.

Module 2: Crafting your offer, your pricing strategy. Amplify your UNIQUE GIFTS and natural magnetism so you can effortlessly attract loyal, aligned clients.

Module 3: Credibility, Self- Worth, overcoming Imposter Syndrome. Work on your shadows and limiting beliefs to uncover the real you.

Module 4: Branding Basics, Social Media Set up, Website. Show up in the best possible way, so your aligned message will attract those who need your service.

Module 5: Create content that actually CONVERTS, overcoming fear of visibility, growing your Facebook Group. Speak to the mind and the hearts of your ideal clients.

Module 6:  Make a difference with your MARKETING! Crafting your Lead Magnets, Email Marketing, Funnel Basics. Create an automated system which will grow your business with ease.

Module 7: Income generating Success System, Instagram Action plan. A great strategy combined with the power of your magnetic energy will create limitless possibilities for you to make an impact.

Module 8: Booking clients through DMs, FB Groups to attract clients, IG stories, Booking more sales conversations. Showing in an authentic and an aligned way, which is unique to you.

Module 9: Mindset shifts for successful Sales. Only speak to prospects ready to pay you- no matter what. It's what makes the difference between going round in circles and actually SERVING your clients.

Module 10: Sales Objections, Conversions. Falling in love with selling as the highest expression of love for your clients and the Energetics behind it, so you can be of true service.

Module 11: Create an ABUNDANCE ENERGY and SHATTER your money limiting beliefs! Say goodbye to all the limitations and stories around money that you had for years. Money loves you!

Module 12: Finding the flow, master the process, setting intentions for the next few months. Zero to Five Figures Launching Method. To help set you up for success when it comes to launching or re-launching your offers so you can hit those $10k months

Bonuses: Collaborations with me on my Podcast "A Journey of Self-Discovery"



But you get all of this for a tiny fraction of this...

JOIN NOW! (from $444/ monthly)
PIF ($4,000)
PIF ($8,000)


"Sofia has a lot of knowledge and experience that she shares generously. I like her no fluff and to the point approach.

She is inspiring and fun to work with and she really gets her clients.

I had some major breakthroughs, tripled my income and I am able to show up for my clients now in a way I never had the confidence or skills before."



"Yes!! I celebrated my big win today!  Thanks to Sofia I had a massive win in my business! I signed 6 new high-ticket clients  to my program in the last 2 weeks.  Sofia gives tons of value in ZERO to FIVE Figures Accelerator Mastermind through live meetings and workbooks. Every time I get energized and she led me to the perfect direction."


"Working with Sofia 1:1 set my business on fire! It was the best gift I have given myself! Her energy, support and expertise has been invaluable. Sofia helped me to clarify my goals and my branding, provided me with step by step STRATEGY and help me build my social media presence. Highly recommend her as a business coach especially for emerging women entrepreneurs!"

Book a Breakthrough Call with Sofia

Unlock your next level of income and impact with the perfect blend of Strategy, power of your ENERGY and your INNER GIFTS.

Let's find out how I can help you!





This is the lowest this program will EVER be...

so don't miss out this time around


Altogether this 12-week Group Coaching Program is worth nearly £5,000!

You can join today and pay only £1,500 (normal price £1,800) with Early bird saving + you will get $1,000 worth of BONUSES:

  •  + Fast Action Bonus (till 11th July): 1:1 60 min Strategy & Energy Reading Session with Sofia VALUED AT $500
  • + 1:1 60 min Session with Digital Strategist Eric to set up your Social Media Platforms VALUED AT $500



JOIN NOW AT £1,500

CLASSIC OPTION : £5,000 Value


  • 12x 60 min Group Coaching calls

  • Aligned Business Academy modules and Workbooks

  •  BONUS: 1:1 60 min Session with Digital Strategist to set up 3 Social Media platforms of your choice (worth £350)👍



VIP OPTION : £5,900 Value


  • Everything in the classic option plus;

  • 3x forty-five (45) minute private coaching calls


    BONUS: 1:1 60 min Session with Digital Strategist to set up 3 Social Media platforms of your choice (worth £350)

  • +Fast Action Bonus

CLASSIC OPTION (3 Instalments)


  • 12x 60 min Group Coaching calls

  • Aligned Business Academy modules and Workbooks

  •  BONUS: 1:1 60 min Session with Digital Strategist to set up 3 Social Media platforms of your choice (worth £350)👍

  • +Fast Action Bonus
JOIN NOW (£650 x 3)

VIP OPTION (3 Instalments)


  • Everything in the classic option plus;

  • 3x forty-five (45) minute private coaching calls

  • BONUS: 1:1 60 min Session with Digital Strategist to set up 3 Social Media platforms of your choice (worth £350)👍

  • +Fast Action Bonus   
JOIN NOW (£790 x 3)